4 Essential Life And Business Lessons From The Criminal Underworld

How a little insight from the world’s greatest pickpocket could dramatically improve your judgment and intuition.

You know why “whitehat” hackers (most of them former “blackhat” or “outlaw” hackers) are the most coveted employees for cybersecurity firms, right? It’s because they know exactly what cybersecurity is up against.

The same principle applies in the physical world. Recently I had a fascinating conversation with Bob Arno – aka the “King of Pickpockets” – about how his skills as a stage pickpocket eventually made him a highly sought-after international safety expert.

My conversation with him really drove home something that I already knew, but hadn’t fully thought through: The people we can learn the most from are the people who are so familiar with our weaknesses and blind spots that they could confidently take advantage of them.  [... read more ...]        go to episode

007 – Bob Arno: The King of Pickpockets


“How do you become a pickpocket?”

Bob Arno, a Swedish-born American entertainer, author, and criminologist gets asked this a lot.

And if you had the chance to ask him yourself, in person, he would have your wallet long before you had your answer (you would get it back though).  [... read more ...]        go to episode