002 – Christian Picciolini: From Neo-Nazi Leader to Peace Advocate


In this episode, Rob talks to Christian Picciolini about his descent into America’s Neo-Nazi movement and how he grew up in a relatively normal household. Christian reveals what it felt like to go to his first Nazi meeting and why his craving for acceptance led him to hurt people. The lack of control made Christian lose everything he had and eventually became a prominent figure among the group. After meeting his future wife and having a child, Christian started questioning his views and seeing minorities as human beings. The most conversations he had with others in his racist record store, the more his eyes opened, and the less he wanted to lie to others. Later, Christian explains how he helps others disengage from extreme movements and the responsibility he feels for the music he previously released. The internet is radicalizing young people by spreading racism and desensitizing them to specific ideas like the holocaust denying. Lastly, Christian talks Russian propaganda, how he lost everything, and signs someone is being radicalized.       go to episode