017 – Raped at Age 14, She Became a Right-Wing Extremist – And Later Turned Her Life Around


When she was 14 years old, Shannon Martinez was raped at a party by two men who took advantage of the fact that she was intoxicated.

Overwhelmed with self-hate and anger, her life spiraled downwards – and she joined a violent right-wing extremist organization, where she would channel her rage and emotions against anyone who was “different”.

Luckily, after several years in this supremacist organization, she was saved by a family who took her in and helped her to deal with her trauma – and showed her that there is a perspective for her beyond violence. [... read more ...]        go to episode

016 – How the “Subway Wizard of New York” Became a Wizard: Devin Person


In 2014, Devin Person decided to re-invent himself and create for him what he calls the “best possible reality”.

And part of that reality was to become – a Wizard.

In a freak coincidence, after the initial decision to become a Wizard, a side effect of medicine he had to take turned all of his hair white… [... read more ...]        go to episode

012 – DMT, our Brain and the Prophetic Experience: Dr. Rick Strassman


In the early 1990s Dr. Rick Strassman, was granted approval to conduct research with one of the strongest hallucinogens, DMT. At the time he was the first scientist in over 2 decades allowed to test the effects of psychedelic drugs on live subjects, and his results were groundbreaking and led him to call DMT the “Spirit Molecule”.

But after he completed his research he still felt that a major question had been left unanswered: Could the vivid hallucinogenic experiences caused by DMT possibly be more than just hallucinations? Rick started to notice that many of his subjects had strikingly similar experiences, regardless of the life experience, culture, or religious background of the person taking the drug.

These experiences are often described as “more real than real”; they’re different to what people experience on other psychedelic drugs.  [... read more ...]        go to episode